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About Starwaz

 Starwaz, Malaysia’s leading lifestyle gadget shop, was founded in 2019 in Sarawak with the vision of becoming Malaysia’s No.1 lifestyle gadget shop.

A team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing the best customer service and convenience for everyone to buy high-quality gadgets, Starwaz has since grown to own eight outlets in Sarawak and is now expanding to the rest of East and West Malaysia.

Since its establishment, Starwaz has been providing customers with the latest and greatest gadgets. Whether you are looking for a phone case, a skin for your laptop or something to protect your tablet,Starwaz has the perfect product for you. Our products are not only reliable and high-quality but also come with the latest features, making them the perfect choice for any lifestyle.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has made us a trusted and reliable go-to for gadget lovers. Our team of knowledgeable staff ensures that each customer receives the same high level of service and convenience when making their purchase. We also provide our customers with excellent customer service, as well as access to a variety of payment options, to make their purchase as convenient as possible.

In addition, we are also committed to providing our customers with the latest and greatest tech accessories. Whether you are looking for the best headphones, trendiest bags or carrying sleeves, Starwaz has the perfect choice for you. We ensure that each of our products is of the highest quality and that they are up-to-date with the latest technology and features.

As we continue to grow and expand, our commitment to customer satisfaction and providing the latest and greatest devices will remain the same. We are dedicated to becoming Malaysia’s No.1 lifestyle gadget shop and providing our customers with the highest quality and convenience when it comes to shopping for gadgets!

Introducing Moie by STARWAZ

A digital lifestyle is a status, a calling and a style. Expressing yourself through technology has never been so easy.

Moie by STARWAZ™ was launched by Starwaz® to provide you with the ultimate tech products to showcase the person you are. Browse our catalogue of premium, genuine gadgets and uplift your style today!